REPEL Permethrin .5% Tick/Mosquito Repellent for Clothing and Gear - 6.5 ounce

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The DoD system is rated at 99.99% effective as protection against ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, mites, and more!  Designed as a clothing treatment . . . it's the perfect delivery system.  Permethrin actually bonds to the fabric; lasts for two weeks and can even withstand detergent washings.

Each 6.5-ounce aerosol container (available in non-aerosol also) is designed to treat two complete outfits.  This includes long pants, a shirt, and socks.  Follow instructions and don't skimp.  Follow label instructions.

There are two repellents you can depend on based upon extensive testing and long-term use.  And it's the combination of these products that forms the foundation for the DOD system (Department Of Defense).  How well does it work?  In 1992 during Operation Restore Hope estimates ranged that as many as 10,000 soldiers would contract malaria, yet only 47 cases were reported.  The major contributor to this low level is attributed to the DOD system.  This system works on many insects including ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, mites, and more.   

Permethrin is a synthetic duplication of a naturally occurring insecticide that occurs in a species of Chrysanthemum.  As a repellent, it is applied to clothing and gear only.  This clothing treatment has been in use for more than 25 years and has been proven safe and effective.  Once clothing is treated, protection lasts for two weeks.  It will withstand weekly detergent launderings.  Permethrin in this clothing formulation MUST not be applied to the skin because of the special solvents used as the bonding medium for the fabric.  Once the application has dried the solvents have evaporated and the garment is safe for use.  Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

 The main difference between the products we offer is the brand or delivery system (either aerosol or non-aerosol).  All permethrin products are odorless when dry.  Regardless of any advertising hype, stories from friends, or other sources all .5% permethrin products are based on the military formula and are equal in protection.  The protection duration depends on the application rate.  Follow label instructions.



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