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ProTick Remedy Tick Remover Tool without Magnifier Option

ProTick Remedy Tick Remover Tool without Magnifier Option

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ProTick Remedy without Magnifier Option

We always enjoy taking our dog Buddy for a walk after work –and if the location permits it, he can run off-leash with complete abandon. He has no idea what lurks among the grass and leaves, ticks! Now keep in mind our business is selling you our Protick Remedy tick removal tool; it works great and has been around for decades. But what we love more than our tick remover are our dogs, our cats, and the people that love the outdoors. So please remember that a tick remover is our last resort, not our first. Protect yourself and loved ones with proper repellents, tick collars for your pets, and a though tick check at least every day .  .  . and have your Protick Remedy at the ready just in case.

The Protick has a specific design, and everything about it is intentional – it's skinny, thinner than a credit card. This allows the tool to slide easily under the attacked tick without crushing it. It's not very long either, and the reason is that a longer tool would provide too much leverage, and this can result in forcing the tick off and breaking the mouthparts. The Proticks sole purpose is to remove the tick intact, with no broken mouthparts, no crushing, and no nasty disgusting tick juices getting all over.

So besides the tick remover tool, we include some essential tick information, all of which can help you avoid trouble and help you inform your friends and family, keeping them safer. Please make sure to open the pamphlet and give it a quick read. Now for the guarantee, there is no way you'll break the Protick removing ticks; it's made of tempered steel. But we also know its size and accessibility make it temping for other uses, whatever they may be – sometimes it will work for those projects, and sometimes it will not. The replacement guarantee is detailed in the little tick pamphlet. We don't care why, when, or how it broke; it's guaranteed, it's guaranteed for life.

ProTick Remedy removes all North American Ticks Species from nymph to adult 

Now for those of us that are tick geeks, we have some additional information below

ProTick Remedy kit with 5X magnifier, a multi-species tick id card, and a detailed 4-color pamphlet on tick identification and protection. It's the original "super simple tick lifter" coined by a veterinarian when first using it. We've sold and donated in excess of 1-million Proticks since its introduction.  Easy to use and easy to carry. Includes a tick ID card with the following ticks pictured: the American Dog tick (d. Variabilis), the Deer tick (ixodes scapularis) or Black Legged tick, Lone Star tick (a. Americanum).

Three published studies prove it removes ticks equal to or better than tweezers

The amount of testing we went through is amazing, only a few other tick removers have gone through extensive testing as the ProTick has.  See below.

1995 Critique of Commercially Available Tick Removal Instruments - R. Stewart Jr, R. Fisher, G. Needham, Dept of Entomology OSU. Benchmark - medium tipped tweezers, ProTick Remedy removed all 51 American Dog ticks (D. variabilis) successfully. The ProTick Remedy removed the most tick cement while causing the least damage of all devices tested.

1998 Evaluation of Three Commercial Tick Removal Tools - R. Stewart Jr, W. Burgdorfer, G. Needham, Dept of Entomology OSU. Benchmark - medium tipped tweezers, “ . . .ProTick Remedy is effective for deeply and superficially attached adult and nymphal ticks . . . tweezers were ineffective for removing nymphs.”

*2002 (Wall Street Journal 7/15) Protection Against Lyme Disease Spirochete Transmission Provided

By Prompt Removal of Nymphal Ixodes scapularis - J. Piesman and M. Dolan, Nat’l Center for Infectious Diseases, CDC. Benchmark - #4 fine-tipped tweezers, ProTick Remedy removed all Black legged tick nymphs (I. scapularis aka deer tick) successfully, equal to the benchmark #4 tweezer

The critical time period to avoid disease is to remove a feeding tick within 24 hours, some say 36.  But that's for Lyme disease there are plenty of others. The ProTick Remedy is in your pocket, at your side ready to pull the tick off and stop its feeding. Super easy to carry, there's really no reason not to have one.

All models come with detailed information regarding protection from ticks and the most advanced 4-color tick identification tutorial pamphlet available anywhere. 

Lifetime no-nonsense no questions asked replacement guarantee, made tough and made of steel and assembled in the USA

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