Cotmaster Single/Twin Rectangular White 196 Mesh 75 Denier Mosquito Net w/ Carry bag

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The Cotmaster Rectangular Single/Twin Mosquito Net w/ Carry bag

This Cotmaster net was specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients who are in the most demanding environments.  It carries the improved sizes that our nets are known for and uses a 75 denier which is actually durable enough to meet the W.H.O. standards. This is a lift and drop style net, just like the World Health Organization orders. it's the most secure style

39" wide, 84" long, and 66" high which is much larger than standard single size nets.  And another major difference is 75 denier - this is a tough net.  Made of 36 filaments, 100% polyester knitted into a 196 mesh.  This is a "lift-and-drop" style net without a door, 6 tie-rings for hanging.  Folded measurement 11 x 13 x 1 inch thick, soft and pliable.  Weight is 15 ounces.



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  • Does this net meet the following requirements? Traveling to Costa Rica needs to protect against mosquitoes. See here: Mosquito nets should have between 120-200 holes per square inch. Nets with 200+ holes per square inch are safe, but may be warmer to sleep under. Per CDC recommendation, pre-treat your mosquito net with permethrin, if it was not pre-treated by the manufacturer, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. [due to possible adverse reactions, do not use other pyrethroid chemicals] This includes pre-washing your net, if recommended. Bring sufficient supplies to hang your mosquito net in a variety of locations.

    Jill, please accept my apology but I never saw your request for information, I'm new to this app.

    Regarding your question.  Yes, this mosquito net does meet the WHO and CDC recommendations.  It is a 196 mesh at 75 denier.  The netting is a bit stronger than the typical 50 denier netting.  This particular net is not pretreated and can be treated with any of our permethrin sprays.  The treatment will last approximately 6 weeks.

    As they say in the recommendations never use any other treatment than permethrin, regardless of what anyone tells you.  Other insecticides and yes permethrin is an insecticide, can cause harm especially because you will be sleeping within an envelope of potentially dangerous chemicals.  Permethrin for this treatment purpose has been in use since the 1970s and has a proven safety record.  Lastly, you should take an adequate cord and screw in cup hooks or small nails to hang your net.  A pack of parashoot cord is a great choice.  You will also need a way to cut the cord to the proper length.

    Some customers over the years have asked why we don't include cords with our nets.  The simple answer is that 6 lengths of cord 4 feet long will never be sufficient to set up a net and the customer will be stuck with just enough cord not to get the job done.  So the CDC comment is exactly right.

    Our Gadablout mosquito nets are treated with permethrin by the Insect Sheild company and they last for an extended time.