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ZDealer - SP524 Sawyer Deet 20% Controlled Release Lotion - 4 ounce Lotion CASE OF 6

ZDealer - SP524 Sawyer Deet 20% Controlled Release Lotion - 4 ounce Lotion CASE OF 6

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Controlled Release Family formula can protect for up to 24 hours

and like all Controlled Release lotions its low absorption!

Different package, same great product. More than likely, the insect repellents you have used in the past involve a mixture of unrestricted deet and alcohol, oil, or water. The mixture is then sprayed or rubbed onto your skin where the deet is in direct contact with your skin until it evaporates. A portion of this unrestricted deet is absorbed and much of the remaining deet evaporates too quickly to provide long term protection.

In the Controlled Release™ formula, virtually all of the deet remains encapsulated in the protein chambers until it is released. Only very minimal amounts of deet are ever presented to the skin and possible absorption is at an absolute minimum. In contrast, traditional repellents present all the available deet directly on the skin surface until it evaporates, making it available to be absorbed.

Because the protein is formed into small particles, we can nestle them into the skin similar to those techniques used in the most advanced sunblocks. With this technique, Sawyer™ Controlled Release™ insect repellent provides added benefits of significant water resistance, a non-alcohol, non-greasy dry feel, and long-lasting protection. When Sawyer says long-lasting they mean it . . . once application can last up to 24 hours!!!

You will find Sawyer Controlled Release™ formula to be the most comfortable formula you have ever used. You'll discover it to be our longest lasting repellent. Sawyer™ Controlled Release™ will change the way you think about and use insect repellents.

Controlled Release is an ideal candidate for use in the DoD system. That's permethrin treatment for your clothing and new controlled release for your skin.

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