Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip-On Handsfree Flipup Magnifer

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Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip On - Handsfree Flip-up Magnifier

The Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip has been a staple since the 1950's - it is the newer option to the original wire clip-on.  The update was needed because of fashion changes; glasses became smaller and frameless.  Still made in the USA, lens from New Hampshire and the rest from New York.

Here's the way to choose your Opticaid Spring Clip  This is a fixed focus, so you have a decision to make.  Most people like dentists or model makers, beauticians for scientists need a specific working distance.  If that's the case, then once you know the working distance, you require that will determine the magnification.  On the other hand, if you need a specific magnification such as a jeweler, stamp collector, or quality control inspector and you require the maximum of 3.5X or even something less then that is what will determine the working distance.

Features -

  • Spring Clip-On offers fast and convenient on and off.
  • Lightweight
  • Spring Clip-On fits most glasses
  • Shatter & scratch resistant optical acrylic lenses
  • Len size 3 1/8" X 1 1/8" (79mm X 28mm) no post
  • High-impact, non-corrosive ABS plastic construction

The working distance of each magnifier varies based on its strength. The following represents the working distance for each magnification.

  • Model 912 - 1.50X - working distance is 20 inches
  • Model 913 1.75X - working distance is 14 inches
  • Model 914 2.00X - working distance is 10 inches OUT OF STOCK
  • Model 915 2.25X - working distance is 8 inches OUT OF STOCK
  • Model 917 2.75X - working distance is 6 inches OUT OF STOCK
  • Model 910 3.50X - working distance is 4 inches

 Made in the USA


Ask a Question
  • Please, on your website and info on Amazon, include the definition of working distance. I have bought so many of these from you and absolutely love them, but I ALWAYS order the wrong one.*** I want the one that has a "2" imprinted on it.*** I always seem to buy/get the one that has a 3 or 4 on it as I only just looked up the definition of WD and find that it is the distance from the extender to my object to view, NOT the distance from my eyes and the distance I want to work at. I would really prefer one with a WD of 12 inches but I do not see that as an option. Can you tell me the number to order on Amazon or offer free shipping from your website please. Actually, I just measured the one I use that has 2 on it, and the distance from it to clear vision is 10 inches, and 12 inches from my eye and none of the numbers and their WD make me think that should be correct. I do not know the order number for it, thinking it should be 912 but that says WD is 20"!!! No wonder I order it wrong; this is harder than you might think. I want the one with a "2" imprinted on it. Please help. I cannot find that on Amazon. If you stated what is imprinted on it on Amazon, I would never order incorrectly again.Thank you.

    Thank you for your question - regarding Amazon there are many times that we are not able to change a listing because the original listing belongs to another merchant.  But we will continue to try.

    Edroy products have three main products.  We have the Magni-focuser headband, the Spring Clip Opticaid, and the Wire Style Opticaid - all 3 use the same lens specifications.
    The last digit of the model number (example 712) is the diopter for the lens, not the magnification.  The 2 series are all 1.50X.  We have a chart for all the products listed with each style.