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Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip-On Handsfree Flipup Magnifer

Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip-On Handsfree Flipup Magnifer

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Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip On - Handsfree Flip-up Magnifier

The Edroy Opticaid Spring Clip has been a staple since the 1950's - it is the newer option to the original wire clip-on.  The update was needed because of fashion changes; glasses became smaller and frameless.  Still made in the USA, lens from New Hampshire and the rest from New York.

Here's the way to choose your Opticaid Spring Clip  This is a fixed focus, so you have a decision to make.  Most people like dentists or model makers, beauticians for scientists need a specific working distance.  If that's the case, then once you know the working distance, you require that will determine the magnification.  On the other hand, if you need a specific magnification such as a jeweler, stamp collector, or quality control inspector and you require the maximum of 3.5X or even something less then that is what will determine the working distance.

Features -

  • Spring Clip-On offers fast and convenient on and off.
  • Lightweight
  • Spring Clip-On fits most glasses
  • Shatter & scratch resistant optical acrylic lenses
  • Len size 3 1/8" X 1 1/8" (79mm X 28mm) no post
  • High-impact, non-corrosive ABS plastic construction

The working distance of each magnifier varies based on its strength. The following represents the working distance for each magnification.

  • Model 912 - 1.50X - working distance is 20 inches
  • Model 913 1.75X - working distance is 14 inches
  • Model 914 2.00X - working distance is 10 inches OUT OF STOCK
  • Model 915 2.25X - working distance is 8 inches OUT OF STOCK
  • Model 917 2.75X - working distance is 6 inches OUT OF STOCK
  • Model 910 3.50X - working distance is 4 inches

 Made in the USA

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