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Expedition Single/Twin Rectangular White 196 Mesh 50 Deneier Mosquito Net w/ Carry bag

Expedition Single/Twin Rectangular White 196 Mesh 50 Deneier Mosquito Net w/ Carry bag

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Expedition Single Rectanguale Mosquito Net
Safari Grade Mosquito Nets
*** Extra Long, Extra Wide, Extra Tall Single w' 196 mesh***

The Expedition® is a rectangular single/twin style mosquito net that was designed to EXCEED the World Health Organization standards for insect and mosquito protection.  The addition of a durable and properly sized carrying bag w/ drawstring closure and cord lock makes these nets unique in this category.  The duffle bag makes for easy carrying/packing and protects your net while not in use.  With full measure dimensions, the Expedition® is more spacious too! It’s a single size that thinks it’s a twin, a full 39 inches wide, and extra-long – not the 74 inches you see so often but a full 84 inches and the height, well that's at 66 inches.  It has one entrance flap for easy entry and exit and that flap is 24 inches wide along one side.

As with all rectangular nets, The Expedition® Treated Single/Twin is versatile and can be hung by many methods.  Here are a few examples:

  • Hang it from all corners to form a rectangle over the sleeping area.
  • Hang it by just two corners against a wall to form a wedge.
  • It can be “broom hung” if you’re in a hurry.  Just tie a broom, straw end down on the floor against the end of your bed, and place one end of the net over the rounded handle to form a sleeping wedge.  It’s not pretty but it's quick.

Excess material should be in contact with the floor or tucked under your sleeping matt or mattress.

  •  Shape – rectangle w/entry flap on one side ( flap has 24-inch overlap)
  • Color - white
  • Weight – 10.82 ounces (308 grams)w/o bag and 11.21 (317grams) w/bag
  • Duffel Measures - 9” long, 4” diameter – compressible
  • Dimensions - height 66", width 39", length 84"
  • Material - multi-filament 36 strand knitted polyester, denier 50
  • Mesh -   mesh 196 holes per square inch
  • Hanging method - multi-point suspension, mounting cord NOT included.


Meets compliance with USA " Flammable Fabric Act" (as amended 1954) under C.F.R. Title 16 part 1610.3 (a) (1) (i) as Class 1, normal flammability.

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