Protick Remedy Bulk Bag of 100

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Bulk Bag of 100 Proticks for Employees Distribution
The basic ProTick Remedy includes the bead chain, NO MAGFIIER, and the detailed tick ID folder in 4 colors packed in a 2x3 inch ziplock bag.

ProTick Remedy kit (without 5X magnifier), a detailed 4 color pamphlet on tick identification and protection. It's the original "super simple tick lifter". It's the choice of professionals by a wide margin because it's very convenient to carry and it works . . . easily.

The critical time period to avoid disease is to remove a feeding tick within 24 hours.  When you need that tick removed, you need it now because most of us don't know when the ticked attacked us. Was it an hour ago, 10 hours ago . . . who knows?  The ProTick Remedy is in your pocket, or your wallet, at your side ready to pull the tick off and stop its feeding. The ProTick Remedy meets and exceeds any expectation for ease of use and ease of carrying.

All models come with detailed information regarding protection from ticks and the most advanced 4 color tick identification tutorial pamphlet available anywhere. 

Lifetime guarantee, made of steel and assembled in the USA


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