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Sawyer Deet 100% Maxi-Deet 2 ounce Spray

Sawyer Deet 100% Maxi-Deet 2 ounce Spray

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Super Convenient 2 Ounce Pocket Spray

When you run into really buggy areas it's great to know that you're equipped with a proven insect repellent.  Sawyer 100% Deet spray is great for applying to clothing, or head nets. Sawyer makes the only Low-Odor 100% DEET on the market. They achieve this through extra refinement which results in a purer DEET.

It's a long time favorite for protecting exposed skin areas against mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas, gnats, and ticks. A little goes a long way  .  .  . so use as needed. So if you're one of those outdoors people that love the performance of 100% deet we suggest that you give Maxi-Deet a try.

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