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Sawyer Deet 100% Maxi-Deet .5 ounce Pencil Spray

Sawyer Deet 100% Maxi-Deet .5 ounce Pencil Spray

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Super Convenient .5 Ounce Pocket Pencil Spray

 The pencil spray is not designed to be your primary insect repellent source, it's your super convenient touch-up spray.  Start your day off by doing your primary spray from a larger container and then pack your pencil spray for later OR have the pencil spray available for those times that you really didn't think you would need a repellent but here you are  . . . .

In areas of extreme bug density or other extreme conditions, you can rely on this 100% Deet spray for application to clothing, mosquito, or head nets. Sawyer makes the only Low-Odor 100% DEET on the market. We achieve this through extra refinement which results in a purer DEET.

Protects exposed skin areas against mosquitoes, chiggers, fleas, gnats, and ticks. A little goes a long way... so use as needed. There is little reason to use anything other than 100% DEET. You can control the dosage by using a smaller amount rather than a lower concentration. Lower concentrations have more alcohol, which increases absorption and causes more skin irritation.  Also comes in 2, 3, and 4 ounce sizes.

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